COMIZDAT – The largest Ukrainian Publishing House, successfully working in the information technology market since 1991.

COMIZDAT Publishing House from the date of its establishment has been playing the leading role in information technology market of Ukraine. The milestones of our development are the history points of the information technology and telecommunications markets in our country:

1991 – The first Ukrainian edition for IT-specialists covering practical questions of computing has been issued – the COMPUTERS + PROGRAMS magazine. Today this magazine is the most outstanding edition for executives, IT-specialists and advanced users, who make decisions concerning purchase and usage of the computer technology, software, computer components, peripherials etc.

1994 – The first Ukrainian IT weekly newspaper COMPUTERWORLD/UKRAINE has been launched. Today it is a well-known consultant for modern IT-leaders who are looking for novel solutions to run their businesses more efficiently.

1994 – Is also the date of starting The CORPORATIVE SYSTEMS (before 1999 – BANKING TECHNOLOGIES) magazine. This edition is for the top executives, management and CIO, responsible for making the strategic decisions concerning deployment of information systems in their organization. The Magazine is a reference guide for the modern Ukrainian business elite.

1997 – The first issue of The NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS magazine has been published – the leading Ukrainian edition for network and telecommunication technology managers and specialists.

In 2001 The SPIEL! gaming magazine of new generation has been issued – the cult edition for Ukrainian youth. For two years it became the most demanded information resource for all gamers who are enthusiastic in IT world and computer games. It helps readers not only to make right choice for home use or gaming club, but also present the hi-tech lifestyle.

Now COMIZDAT issues five editions for all groups of the readers: businessmen, IT-managers, technicians, PC users. The general circulation of the publishing houseeditions is 250.500 copies, reader’s monthly audience is more than 500.000. 64 staff employees are working now in our Kyiv office and high experienced freelance authors coworking with COMIZDAT editions.

Advertising campaign services provided by COMIZDAT editions for all IT-market segments have always been an efficient instrument of marketing, promotion and branding to help running IT-business in the Ukrainian market.

COMPUTERWORLD/UKRAINE is the Ukrainian weekly newspaper licensee of International Data Group (IDG) corporation – the world's leading technology media, research, and event company. COMPUTERWORLD is the newspaper for executives, IT department management and modern IT-leaders who are responsible for IT infrastructure deployment aiming to increase effectiveness of business. For Ukrainian IT decision makers COMPUTERWORLD/UKRAINE weekly proposes "Events" and "Business" sections on its pages. Market news and the most important local and worldwide IT-events coverage are published here as well as reviews and analytic information on Ukrainian and worldwide IT and telecommunications market. Ukrainian enterprise IT department managers and leading specialists also can find useful information in COMPUTERWORLD/UKRAINE. "Technologies", "Business" and "Consulting" sections have successful business-technology usage examples concerning legislation issues, IT-management, new technologies trends, etc.

CORPORATE SYSTEMS is the leading Ukrainian technology magazine publishing since 1994 for executives who make strategic decisions deploying management systems in financial institutions, commercial organization and industries. The magazine gives real recommendations concerning implementation and reengineering of corporate systems, as well as business-functions integration. Modern IT business concepts are covered – ERP/MRPII, project management; Internet/intranet/extranet; telebanking & internet-banking solutions; e-business and mobile business, electronic payment systems; special attention is given to business-processes automation in different organization structures. Our readers can find the most valued examples of corporate IT projects in Ukraine.

NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS — the leading Ukrainian magazine covering networks and telecommunications technologies application for building modern network infrastructure. It is publishing since 1997. NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS covers designing and usage questions for local, enterprise and global networks architectures; proposes solutions for organizing fixed and mobile communications as well as data communication at enterprise; presents the decisions on cable networks technologies. The Magazine gives actual information about using the modern network management solutions and data protection technologies. Every month NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS offers services operators and providers analytical reviews as well as equipment of networks and telecommunications market. The editors and authors of the magazine are
high experienced specialists.

COMPUTERS + PROGRAMS – a pioneer of Ukrainian IT-press. The magazine is the Ukrainian PCWORLD licensee of International Data Group (IDG) corporation – the world's leading technology media, research, and event company. It is publishing since 1991. COMPUTERS + PROGRAMS is a magazine illuminating practical usage of modern information technologies. It is target-readers of different qualifications who are looking for an objective information to help them use hardware and software more effectively and choose new computer, peripherials or software. The practical direction of the magazine provides more than 13 years unchangeable reader’s interest and the highest subscription of IT-press in Ukraine. The magazine focuses reviews, consultations and practical advises on hardware and software usage. Technical accuracy and competence of materials are based on results of testing in own test lab, as well as on wide practical experience of our authors. The themes of publications cover the broad spectrum of computer technologies — from hardware and networking to multimedia. COMPUTERS + PROGRAMS is the universal edition to influence a wide range of potential computer technique consumers from IT-professionals to home users.

SPIEL! — the cult edition of Ukrainian youth interesting in stylish, novelty life and fond of computer games. It is the meeting place for all gamers in Ukraine. Every issue made with fantasy and dedicated for true amateurs of games. SPIEL! has a kaleidoscope of PC and console games, walkthrough, well-aimed advises etc., tests of new devices, club news and reports from championships, multimedia, guidebook on games. Several sections of the magazine are dedicated to modern technologies, stylish products and accessory that are requested by teens and mobile audience of the magazine. SPIEL! has a stylish design, the articles are written in picturesque, informal language. The magazine is addressed to all who are enthusiastic in a world of computer games and interested in technologies of XXI century and stylish life.


В IV квартале 2008 г. украинский рынок серверов по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года сократился в денежном выражении на 34% – до $30 млн (в ценах для конечных пользователей), а за весь календарный год – более чем на 5%, до 132 млн долл.

4 марта в Киеве компания Telco провела конференцию "Инновационные телекоммуникации", посвященную новым эффективным телекоммуникационным технологиям для решения задач современного бизнеса.

25 февраля в Киеве компания IBM, при информационной поддержке "1С" и Canonical, провела конференцию "Как сохранить деньги в условиях кризиса?"

18-19 февраля в Киеве прошел юбилейный съезд ИТ-директоров Украины. Участниками данного мероприятия стали ИТ-директора, ИТ-менеджеры, поставщики ИТ-решений из Киева, Николаева, Днепропетровска, Чернигова и других городов Украины...

10 февраля в Киеве состоялась пресс-конференция, посвященная итогам деятельности компании "DiaWest – Комп’ютерний світ" в 2008 году.

С 5 февраля 2009 г. в Киеве начали работу учебные курсы по использованию услуг "электронного предприятия/ учреждения" на базе сети информационно-маркетинговых центров (ИМЦ).

29 января 2009 года в редакции еженедельника "Computer World/Украина" состоялось награждение победителей акции "Оформи подписку – получи приз!".

22 января в Киеве компания "МУК" и представительство компании Cisco в Украине провели семинар для партнеров "Обзор продуктов и решений Cisco Small Business"


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